Interior Design And Decoration Engineering

Profile Of Interior Design And Decoration Department

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Department of interior design and decoration is committed:
M1.To offer diploma programme in Interior Design and Decoration those cater to changing needs of industry, business and community.
M2. To provide ready professionals for the real world through strengthening the knowledge and provide employability skills.
M3. To provide creative, innovative, user friendly, aesthetical interior designs to satisfy the needs of the society.
M4. To update in professions to face the future challenges of market by providing field practical experience and provide a dynamic learning environment.


• To provide professional and competent Interior Designers to cater the socio-economic needs as per the latest trends and work environment.
• To develop interior designers & decorators to work in various interior & architectural firms.
• To provide technical education training & guidance that lead to personality development, meaningful employment & entrepreneurship.
• To develop interior designers which will ensure client satisfaction cater needs of industry & community.
• To give the knowledge on various current issues and emerging trends in interior design and decoration.

  1. To develop the ability to solve and present problems clearly, creatively and quickly.
  2. Become entrepreneur and work freelance (self-employment), by offering consultancy services directly to individual clients.
  3. Demonstrate critical reasoning and requisite quantitative skills to identify and resolve design problems, and to create designs that reflect economic, environmental and social sensitivities.
  4. Exhibit a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development, involvement in professional activity and public service.
On successful completion diploma pass outs will be able to
  1. Basic knowledge:Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering to solve the idd engineering problems.

  2. Discipline knowledge: Apply subject specific knowledge to solve core and applied idd engineering problems.

  3. Experiments & Practice: Plan and perform experiments to use results to solve idd engineering problems.

  4. Engineering Tools: Apply appropriate technologies and tools with an understanding of the limitations.

  5. The Engineer & Society: Demonstrate knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to idd engineering practices.

  6. Environment & Sustainability: Understand the impact of the engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge and need for sustainable development.

  7. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the idd engineering practices.

  8. Individual & Team Work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse/multidisciplinary teams.

  9. Communication: An ability to communicate effectively with society and engineering community.

  10. Project Management & Finance: Understand engineering and management principles and apply these to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.

  11. Lifelong Learning: Recognize the need and be adaptable for independent and life-long learning in the context of technological changes.

  1. To provide professional interior designers in the society.

  2. To provide students with a range of opportunities in the field of design.

  1. Well qualified and experienced faculty.
  2. Well equipped and modern laboratories.
  3. Excellent teaching learning environment.
  4. Department is working on outcome base teaching-learning process.
  5. Department provides collaborative interaction of students with Industry Experts.

Name Of FacultyPeriodDetails
Prof.V.S.Patil 11 May,2015 to 22 May,2015 Induction training program phase-1
Prof.V.S.Patil 21 July,2015 to 10 August,2015 STP foundation program for class-1 officer
Prof.V.S.Patil 6 June,2016 Induction training program phase-2
Prof.N.P.Adke 11 May,2015 to 22 May,2015 Induction training program phase-1
Prof.N.P.Adke 21 July,2015 to 10 August,2015 STP foundation program for class-1 officer
Prof.N.P.Adke 11 July,2016 to 22 July,2016 Induction training program phase-2
Name Of Industry Or Location Date Subject No.of Stdents
Vitthal nursery, Kuber petrol pump,near Ambad phata, Satpur, Nashik 9/7/16 Landscape design 55
Papayas nursary486,ambad phata, Trimbak road, Satpur, Nasik 9/7/16 Landscape design 55
City center mall untawadi nashik 27/8/2016 Advance interior design 30
New construction building ,near samangaon Phata, Nashik 31/8/2016 Interior construction techniques 60
Under Construction site, near Samangaon road, Nasik. 3/9/2016 Basic material and product 55
Sunbird Kitchen, college road , Nasik. 27/12/16 Working drawing 52
Promex Kitchen trolley, City Center, Untawadi, Nasik. 27/12/16 Working drawing 52

In progress.

First Year

63 46 73.02 17 26.98 00 00

Second Year

56 36 64.29 21 14 01 07
Miss. N. P. Adke
Lecturer in Interior Design & decoration.Govt.Poly.Nashik I/C H.O.D.IDD Dept.
Miss. V. S. Patil
Lecturer Interior Design &decoration.Govt.Poly.Nashik
Ar. S. R. Kothawade
Lecturer IDD Dept. Govt.Poly.Nashik.
Ar. N. S. Kewate(Gillurkar)
Lecturer IDD Dept. K.T.H.M. College, Nashik.
Mr. Pramod .U.Wayse
Dy.Secretary,M.S.B.T.E.Divisional office,Osmanpura,Aurangabad-413005
5,Kamal Residency,Patil Lane No.4, College Road,Nashik
Ar. Chandrashekhar Patil
5,Archit Regency,Opp.Nav Rachana High School,Savarkar Nagar,Nashik
Shri. S. P. Dikshit
Lect., Civil Engg. Dept., Incharge CDC, Govt. Polytechnic, Nashik.
Member secretary