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M1. To develop competent Diploma Civil Engineers with ethical values for socio-economical development.
M2. To inculcate employable, entrepreneurial and life-long learning skills for sustainable development of the society.
M3. To create a learning environment conducive for achieving academic excellence with latest technology trends.
M4. To offer continuing education programmes and consultancy services for betterment of society.

Open Access Systems for all Borrowers (Staff/ Students)

Access Systems for all Borrowers (Staff/ Students)

Library Automation System

Surveillances Camera

Multi storage Library Building there where separate sections for Internet Lab, Language Lab, Reading Room, Periodical section, Reference Section, Book Bank section etc.


Centralized Internet Lab

Reading Room Facility(200 students seating capacity)

Online Searching Facility (OPAC)

Staff Reading Room is available

Separate Reference section is available

No. of titles 8441
No. of volumes 31672
General Library 14952
Book Bank 13190
World Bank 1284
Social Welfare 2217
Total amount of the books Rs. 1,35,50000/-
Sr.No. Learning Resources Availability Total Cost
1 Computer Base Tutor/ educational CDs 194 Rs.55,698/-
2 Softwares 22 Rs.3,61,472/-
3 e-books 23 Rs.1,59,977/-
4 OHP Transparencies 25 Rs.17,660/-
5 Video Cassette 250 Rs.78,440/-
6 Educational Multimedia Packages 12 Rs.3,26,250/-
Total amount of the books Rs.9,99,487/-
    Architecture + Design
    Better Interiors
    Current Science
    Electrical India
    > Femina
    Good Homes
    Journal on Mechanical Engineering
    Indian Concrete Journal
    Inside Outside
    Industrial Engineering Journals
    Lighting India
    Ieema Journal
    Modern Plastics
    Civil Engg. & Construction Review
    I M S JNL on Embedded Systems
    I M S JNL of Mechanical Engg.
    I M S JNL of Civil Engg.
    I M S JNL of Structural Engg
    I M S JNL of Electrial Engg.
    I M S JNL of Electronics Engg.
    I M S JNL of Electrial Engg.
    Indian JNL of Engg. & Materials Science
    JNL of Indian INST of SC
    JNL of SCFC & Industrial RES
Internet Utilities
Electronics Devices and Components
Text book Electronic Materials and Devices
Recycling of PVC & Mixed Plastics Waste
Mixed Plastics Recycling Technology
Recycling of Plastics material
Plastics Additives Vol-1
Plastics Additives Vol-2
Plastics Additives Vol-3
Wate Treatment and disposal
Polymer Characterization
Mechanical Evaluaation Strategies for Plastics
Laminar Composites
Global Water Supply and Wastewater Technology
Preventing Earthquake Disaster
Most popular e-book (Comp. Tech.)
Ultimate e-books and web programming
C++ Training Guide
Graphic Design e-books
Machienery Handbook 26th ed.
Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Electrical Installation 1
Electrical Installation2
Electrical Installation 3
An Illustrated Dictionary of Electronic Materials and Devices
Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook
Genium's Handbook of Safety Health and Environmental Data
Mechanical Engineer's Solution Suite
Mechanical Engineer's Solution Suite
Automation Studio
Total 3D HOME
Engineering & Science Tools 2003
Motor Trend
Auto Cad 2006
Mold Flow Plastics Advisers 2005
Pro Engineering
2K Electronic Workshop
Super civil
Super Rate Analysis
Super Real Valuation
Robotics & artificial Intelligence Tools
MATLAB & Simulink 1
MATLAB & Simulink 2
Rolling Bearings Troubleshooter's guide