Profile Of Workshop

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The Workshop

Year Of Establishment :1980
Acadmic Programs:Civi Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Plastic Enginnering
Intake Capacity:First Shift 60+6 Second Shift 60+6
Dept In-charge(Workshop Superintendent):Pramod Gendalal Kochure


M1. • To Provide quality Education , training, and innovative engineering solutions to advance skills and productivity.
M2. To Provide platform to the learner towards attaining quality Education and skills of manufacturing sector.
M3. To Educate learners about Professional ,Ethical responsibilities and train them to leadership qualities for their career Development.
M4. To create opportunities and guide students in acquiring career oriented jobs in manufacturing sector.
M5. To provide professional skills of manufacturing sector to learner.


To be a vibrant department of skill Development focuses on quality Education ,Skills that prepares

Produce quality and skilled manpower through practical training

To establish a Skill development centre in manufacturing Sector.

To establish a production centre of utility articles for institute.

To facilitate other Faculty / Department to play their rightful role in line with the mission and vision of the institute.

To generate internal Revenue to supplement government funding to the Institute

Name Of Shop Name Of Major Equipment
Turning ShopCNC Lathe
CNC Simulator
Centre Lathe
Metal Band Saw
Machine Shop CNC Milling
CNC Simulator
Vertical Milling M/c.
Surface Grinder.
Tool Cutter Grinder
Cylindrical Grinder
Slotting M/c
Radial Arm Drilling M/C
Ram Milling M/C
Welding Shop Arc Welding
Spot Welding
Gas Welding set
Bench Grinder
Plumbing Shop Pipe bending M/c
Pipe vice
Plumber Work Bench
Fitting Shop Fitter work Bench
Drilling M/C.
Bench Grinder
Sheet Metal ShopShearing M/C
Sheet Bending M/C
Pattern Making Shop Wood Turning Lathe
Pattern Makers work bench
Carpentry Shop Universal wood working M/C
Circular Saw
Jig Saw
Drilling M/C
Bench Grinder
Carpenter work Bench
Heat treatment Shop Power Hammer
Smith Hearth and Blower
Leg Vice
Swage Block
Moulding shop Moulding Boxes
General mechanic Shop Maintenance tools
Electrical Maintenance Shop Elect Maintenance tools