Curriculum Development Cell

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1. Performing facilator’s role for designing and implementing curriculum
2. "Curriculum 2021" based on "Outcome Based Education" is implemented from academeic year 2021-22.
3. "Curriculum 2016" based on "Outcome Based Education" is implemented from academeic year 2016-17.
4. Government Polytechnic, Nashik is the first Diploma institute in Maharashtra implementing the curriculum based on "Outcome based Education" form the academic year 2016-17.
  1. Academic Autonomy to institute in 1995.
  2. First Autonomous curriculum implemented in 1995-96 for the following programmes: Civil, Mechanical, Plastic and Electrical Engineering.
  3. First revision of curriculum in 2001.
  4. Second revision of curriculum in 2004.
  5. Third revision of curriculum in 2007.
  6. Fourth revision of curriculum in 2011.
  7. Fifth Revision of curriculum in 2016.
  8. Sixth Revision of curriculum in 2021.
  9. Information Technology and Computer Technology first curriculum implemented in 2001-2002.
  10. Electronics and Telecommunication Enginnering first curriculam implemented in 2002-03.
  11. Automobile Engineering first curriculum implemented in 2003-2004.
  12. Dress Degigning And Garment Manufacturing and Interior Designing And Decoration first curriculum implemented in 2008-2009.
  13. Diploma In Mechatronics curriculum implemented from acadmic year 2021-2022.
    1. Outcome based Curriculum having flexibility in the form of MPEC (Multipoint Entry and Credit) System.

    2. For designing/revising the curriculum, the various domains have been identified for Diploma Engineering Programmes. The questionnaire has been designed to get the responses from these domains. The feedback of different stake holders i.e. industries, teachers and students has been analysed. Further, the roles, functions, activities, tasks and attitudes necessary for Diploma Engineer have been identified. Details analysis for each domain is extensively carried out to revise the curriculum.
Total credits for the award of Diploma 200
Maximum no. of courses in a term 07
Maximum credits in a term 37
Maximum no. of theory papers in a term 05
Minimum passing marks in Theory paper 32/80
Minimum passing marks in Theory + Prog.Test 40/100
Total Marks 4500
No. of courses for the award of Class 12
No. of theory courses for the award of Class 10
Total marks for the award of Class 1600
  1. Level-1. Foundation Courses
  2. Level-2. Basic Technology Courses
  3. Level-3. Allied Courses
  4. Level-4. Applied Technology Courses
  5. Level-5. Diversified Courses