Electrical Engineering

To be the center of excellence in the development of manpower, entrepreneurship and technology meeting the diverse needs of the customer. The department shall be the technology centre for electrical engineering works thereby meeting the skill and testing requirements in the electrical engineering technology in business and industry.
M1. To provide diploma level technical education so as to equip learners with skills related to entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and employability.
M2. To disseminate knowledge with practical exposure ensuring, ethical, professional and safety Practices to meet the needs of industry and society.
M3. To be updated through self evaluation and continuous improvement.
M4. To be acquainted with the modern trends and technology in electrical engineering field through testing and consultancy work and continuing education.

  • Be a practicing electrical engineer and entrepreneur in fields of power, Manufacturing,maintenance, testing and service sectors.

  • Fulfill the needs of society in solving technical problems using engineering principles,tools and practices ethically.

  • Demonstrate life-long learning and leadership skills in the workplace and function professionally in a globally competitive world.

On successful completion Diploma pass out student's will be able to

  • Basic knowledge: An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.

  • Discipline knowledge:An ability to identify, formulate and solve Electrical Engineering problems.

  • Experiments & Practice:An ability to design and conduct electrical experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data

  • Engineering Tools: An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for Electrical Engineering practice.

  • The Engineer & Society: Understand and serve the technical needs of society.

  • Environment & Sustainability: Adhere to the electrical safety and environmental norms considering sustainability while executing the work.

  • Ethics:An understanding of the professional and ethical responsibility.

  • Individual & Team Work: An ability to function in multidisciplinary teams.

  • Communication: An ability to communicate effectively.

  • Project Management & Finance: Demonstrate knowledge and under-standing engineering and management principals to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.

  • Lifelong Learning: Understand need and engage in lifelong learning for technological change

  • Identify and analyze technological problem in the field of electrical Engineering by applying knowledge of basic Science, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering fundamentals.

  • Apply managerial skills and safety practices in Electrical Engineering work culture.

  • Able to implement maintenance schedule and operation in Electrical Engineering systems using significant technical skills.

  • Experianced and Qualified Teaching Faculty

  • Well Equipped and Specious Lab

  • Good Infrastructure

  • Excellent Performance in External Academic Monitoring

  • Meritorious Student with full intake

  • Testing Facility provided to Industry

Name of Faculty No. of Paper Published/Conference Attended No. of Training attended
Shri Rajesh U. Shelke 2 22
Shri.L.S.Patil 4 18
Smt.S.S.Bhusare 2 11
Shri. S. S. Ashtaputre 0 0
Shri.R.S.Shukla 0 6
Smt.S.S.Umare 7 30
Smt.D.R.Kirtane 2 13
Smt.S.V.Sangle 1 9
Shri.M.P.Bodke 1 3
Name of Industry or Location Date Class No. of Students
Shivanand Electronics ,Deepak mahal ,Lam road ,Devalali,Nashik 2018-08-10 2 63
T.R.D. Centre,Eklhare,Nashik 2018-08-29 3 60
Traction machine workshop, Eklehara Nashik 2018-09-01 2 64
Huphen Electromech Pvt Ltd Ambad MIDC ,Nashik 2018-09-04 3 60
Crompton Greaves ,M.I.D.C ,Ambad, Nashik 2018-09-04 3 60
33/11kV substation, Somani garden,Nashik 2018-09-21 3 63
  • Motwane Mfg. Company Pvt. Ltd.,Nahsik

  • MSEDCL Institute of training & safety, Chehdi, samngaon road, Nashik

  • Shivananda Electronics, Deepak Mahal, Devalali,Nashik

  • Rectiphase Capacitors, C-162.MIDC,Malegaon,Sinner

Entry No. of Students I Year(pass) II Year(pass) III Year(pass)
CAY (2017-18) 75 60 0 0
CAYm1 (2016-17) 75 41 41 0
CAY m2 (2015-16) 75 62 66 48
Academic Performance of Final Year

Academic Performance CAY CAYm1 CAYm2
Mean of CGPA or Mean Percentage of all successful students (X) 78.94 78.37 80.65
Sr.No. Name PWC Designation
01 Shri. R. U. Shelke
Head of Electrical Engineering Department
02 Shri. S. S. Bachhav
Industry Expert
03 Shri. V. S. Jogalekar
Industry Expert
04 Shri. M. D. Dhake
Industry Expert
05 Shri J. M. Patil
Programme Expert From Neighbouring Institute
06 Shri. L. S. Patil
Senior Lecturer from Programme
07 Smt. D. R. Kirtane
Senior Lecturer from Programme
08 Dr. A. N. Pawar
MSBTE Representative
09 Shri. S. P. Dikshit
Incharge Curriculum Development Cell
Member secretary